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New York Times

Laura Cappelle

"It’s Broadway’s loss, because much like Streisand, who won an Academy Award for the 1968 film adaptation, Bianco pours irresistible life into the role."  (click for more)

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Broadway World

Tim Wright

"...In an amusingly perfect bit of casting... Bianco finds her own voice in a memorable performance.  Note-perfect, she is every inch the leading lady. "People" brings the house down, as it should."  (click for more)

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Broadway World

Patrick Honore

"a leading lady entirely worthy of Streisand, fitting into the part of Fanny like a glove and doing justice vocally and emotionally to the show's biggest songs in a way no one else has done since Barbra."  (click for more)

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West End Wilma

West End Wilma

"Christina Bianco honestly shines as Fanny Brice... and makes me wonder why she hasn’t been cast in leading musical theatre roles before now."  (click for more)

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British Theatre.com

Mark Ludmon

"... led by a brilliant, funny and heartbreaking performance by Christina Bianco as Fanny Brice."  (click for more)

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Le Parisien

Sylvain Merle

" Funny and full of madness, the piece is literally carried by Christina Bianco, dazzling in the role of Fanny Brice, star of the boards..."  (click for more)

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Le Figaro

Ariane Bavelier

"The singer has not only a powerful voice, moving, she also has the energy and humor of the character of Fanny Brice, a role that fits her like a glove."  (click for more)

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Les Echoes

Philippe Noisette

"Christina Bianco puts her steps in those of Barbra Streisand. She is really fabulous." (click for more)